Automatic Package Integrity Tester

  • Fully automatic and programable timer and Vacumm(upto 560mm of Hg).
  • Meet USP-29 packaging practice specifiation
  • Automatic release of vacumm at the end of the test
  • Automatic control of vacumm level by oil free vacumm pumb
  • Polycarbonate vacumm vacuum desiccator with instrument
  • Compack size makes the instrument portable and cute
  • Show release of vacumm at the end of the test
  • Clear 4 x 20 LCD display

Technical Specifications

  • Vacumm Level - Upto 560MM of HG
  • Timer - Programable Timer upto 999 secs
  • Vacumm Desiccator - 200MM polycarbonate (optional 250MM)
  • Power Requirement - 230V Ac
  • Size-Weight(without desiccator) - SS Body (aprox 12.5 Kg)
  • Vacumm - Oil free vaccum pump
  • Printer - Optional